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White Noise Portable Baby Sleep Soother

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A time-tested and doctor-approved technique,Therapy sound machine uses a series of loud, rhythmic shushing noises to soothe your child by engaging their natural calming reflex to help end their crying spell quickly and easily. 

While in the womb, your baby spent 24 hours a day listening to the sounds of blood flow and other in-utero noises, enveloped in sounds up to 95 dB. While this may seem loud, your child will find the rhythmic shush both familiar and calming. 



Timer Options

Comes with two easy-to-use timer options that allow you to play the rhythmic shush white noise, thunderstorm, rainforest, fetal heart sound,heart beat etc for either 15 or 30 minutes.Create a calming and consistent sound environment to help adult/ baby relax and enjoy a deep sleep every night.


Volume Control

For the rhythmic shush to work, it is important that the volume of the shush be louder that that of your baby’s cry. Volume control allows you to choose how loud or soft to play the sound and adjust the volume as you go to suit your baby’s needs.


Versatile and Portable

Because we know that your baby doesn’t just cry at home, we’ve made the Therapy sound machine small, compact and easy to clean so that you can take it with you on the go.